1. Simply download the vconsolewin8 package zip, unzip to C:\vconsolewin8 (must from from C: - hard coded, sorry - just a quick and dirty app) and execute the vConsoleWin8v2.1 bat script (shortcut with icon included)
  2. Enter vCenter Server name (IP or DNS)
  3. Enter your domain credentials (domain\username) and password (this does the vm lookup from vCenter)
  4. Under VMName, simply enter the name of the vm you wish to call the console of (MUST be DNS name, IP doesn't work, sorry)
  5. Under Root Password, enter the root password of your esxi hosts where the system resides (if you use different passwords for clustered hosts, you can check where the VM is running via vCenter)
  6. Click Connect to Console and you should have the VMWare VRMC window pop up with the system connection live.


The app is designed stay open with the last entered information available, so if you share the same credentials for 1 vcenter, you can open multiple system consoles simply by entering another VM Name and clicking 'Connect to Console' again

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